Our Attorneys

The attorneys of Clark | von Plonski | Anderson have built their reputations by successfully representing their clients in courtrooms across the country in personal injury, product liability, medical malpractice and other areas of the law.

These accomplished trial lawyers devote their decades of experience and honed skills to restoring justice for clients who have unfairly endured adversity and disaster. Clark | von Plonski | Anderson has chosen to establish a practice built on honesty and substance. Their goal is not to make headlines, but to represent their clients with passion and integrity. Both inside and outside the courtroom, Clark | von Plonski | Anderson works relentlessly to make sure each client has an ally to their cause and a trusted advisor and advocate who will strive to make sure each client recovers what they lost.

Clark | von Plonski | Anderson has an extensive background in the following areas of personal injury law: oil and gas field accidents, aviation accidents, heavy truck and car accidents, farm and ranch accidents, equine accidents, defective drugs, medical malpractice, products liability,  toxic exposure,  workplace accidents, and wrongful death.